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After two years and three dates, Aspen and I finally finished our book!

I should mention that Apsen was very tired this morning.  It took her a while to wake up, so that it why she is looking a little tired in the pictures.

We were able to finish the text for the last 5 pages, and Aspen was able to finish the illustrations for all the pages.

Here is the rough draft…

SleepingCaliente & Frio

Made for each Other

Caliente was born in the North Pole. When she was born the doctor dropped her and said, “Wow, she’s burning hot!” Her parents had to hold heFeaturer wearing oven mits. Her hair was even red like burning coals because she was so hot.

The only things she would eat were hot peppers, hot tamales, hot chocolate, and hot dogs. When she was older the boys wanted to date her because they thought that she was so beautiful; but she was sad because when they tried to hold her hand they would get burned!

Caliente worried that she might never get married and have the opportunity to be a mom. Her own mother would always say, “I know that your true love is out there, somewhere, and that he’s waiting for you.”

Frio was born in the Sahara Desert. When he was born the doctor dropped him and said, “Holy moly, he’s freezing cold!” His parents had to wear snow gloves to hold him. His skin was really whFrioite like snow and he had ice blue hair because he was so cold.

The only things he would eat was ice cream, popsicles, and frozen vegetables. When he was older he tried to date girls, but when he would try to dance with them or hold their hands they would get frost bite!

Frio would get sad sometimes thinking that he might never find a girl he could marry and start a family with. His dad would always say, “There’s a princess out there made just for you and she’s waiting to be swept off her feet.”Illustrating

The years passed and Caliente and Frio grew older. It came time for them to leave their homes and go to college. As fate would have it they both decided to attend the same university.

One day as Frio was walking across campus he saw a beautiful girl skating towards him. Just as this girl was about to pass she suddenly lost her balance and fell into Frio’s arms. It was Caliente!

“Thank you for catching me”, Caliente said, “I am sorry if I burnt you.” “You didn’t burn me”, Frio replied, “And I am sorry if I gave you frost bite.” “What are you talking about about?” Caliente exclaimed. This is when they learned that their touch wouldn’t hurt each other.

Caliente and Frio quickly became best friends. They had lots of fun together and could even dance and hold hands while walking. Caliente never did love to eat ice cream and Frio never loved to eat hot peppers, but they did love each other and decided to get married.

They had a beautiful wedding and enjoyed a fun honeymoon. They bought a small home in the city where they could raise a family. Caliente soon became pregnant and they were both excited when they learned that they would be having a baby boy!

When their baby was born the doctor didn’t drop him. His hair wasn’t red like his mom’s, or blue like his dad’s. In fact, it was purple. He had warm yellow eyes and a beautiful smile. He wasn’t too hot and he wasn’t too cold. They decided to name him Luke because he was “luke warm”.

Caliente and Frio returned home with their precious Luke. As they gently rocked him to sleep that night, Frio turned to his wonderful wife and said, “We truly were made for each other.” Caliente smiled and said, “I agree.”

The End