FIFA 2012 Nov09


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FIFA 2012


Chase definitely didn’t fall too far from the tree.  He is at that age where he loves video games!  He doen’t actually play them very much, since he only likes playing the Wii when he is with friends, and he is not able to get his hands on my phone very Handbookoften to play his favorite game, FIFA 2012.  With that said, this is what Chase wanted to do for our FatherMoment.Juggling

Even though this is not the most memorable of activities, it is actually really nice to be able to sit next to my boy with my arm around him and chat as we watch a little screen.  We take turns playing and watching, and we ended up being able to play about 3 soccer matches during our date.

PhoneSmileOf course, I attempted to start our date with a spiritual component, but it was a little rushed since Chase was so eager to play.

Nothing fancy, but some nice one-on-one time with my boy, nonetheless.