Field Trip Oct21


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Field Trip

Today, was the first field trip that I have been on in a long time!  A few weeks ago, Aspen was very excited to give her teacher a letter that we had written about my willingness, and enthusiasm, to volunteer in her class.  Today, Aspen was extremely excited that I was going to be able to come with here to the children’s museum in Salt Lake City.

Upon arriving at the elementary school, I was assigned a cool group of kids that I was responsible for shepherding.  One of Aspen’s good friends, Anna, was in our group.  The rest were a good looking group of boys.  On the bus I got in trouble a few times from one of the other teachers, because my group and I were having a little too much fun.  Apparently, in her college elementary education classes they drilled into her brain that it was her job to make sure children sat during bus rides and didn’t laugh too loud.  It wasn’t until I winked at her, and showed her the dimples that she softened.

Once we arrived in Salt Lake, my team was given red vests, and then were corralled into the biggest elevator I have ever been on.  I challenged the kids to see if they could hold their breaths the whole time that we were in the elevator.  This was a clever way to get them to be quiet.  The museum, itself, was a lot of fun.  We built a huge tower, made houses and then tested them against earthquakes, climbed walls, made airplanes, and stuck countless plastic balls in these tubes that sucked the balls up and away.  It was a lot of fun!

Aspen is a super cute girl, and it was fun to see her interacting with her classmates!