Fall Cravings Oct04


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Fall Cravings


The weather dropped yesterday, there is snow on the caps of the mountains, and Zoe was craving a little pumpkin bread!

PumpkinI love my little Zoe and I love getting her all alone when I can give her my undivided attention.  She is my child who talks a million miles a minute and always has so much to tell me.  I often find myself feeling very badly because when I am not in a position to focus on her, I have a really hard time following her stories.  Needless to say, this morning was delightful.  I Mixingwas able to get caught up on a lot of the recent news and events in her life.  She happen to have switched schools this week and had a lot to tell me about some of her new classmates.

Our FatherMoment’s plan was to get up, make pumpkin bread, and then do a devotional and go play soccer while it baked.  However, after placing the pumpkin bread in the oven it was still dark outside and wet from some rain.  We decided to to just play a game after our devotional.  I should mention that Zoe convinced me to add some chocolate chips to the pumpkin bread which she strongly prefers.  The problem with the chips is that it mentally moves it from the breakfast category to the dessert category, even though it is raelly the 3 cups of sugar that really make it dessert-like.  Well, since we are the type of family that puts butter and powder sugar (aka, “Icing”) on our French toast, it wasn’t too hard for us to stretch and eat our chocolately Eggspumpkin bread for breakfast.Game

Anyway, while the bread was baking, I introduced Zoe to Scrabble.  I have a generic version of it on my tablet and we cuddled up and played.  She really seemed to like it, which is good since it happens to be a game that promotes some intellectual exercise.  Of course, she beat me, which gave her a confidence boost before going to school.

It was another great date!