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Fairy Pins


You may recall from my last date with Aspen that I was excited to make some wood pin fairies.  To my joy, this was a FatherMoment activity Devotionalthat was right up Zoe’s alley!  She is a little girl who loves crafts.  Almost every day I Materialscome home to my little girl who is excited to either show or give me something that she has made.  It is really cute!

Now, last night Alicia was telling me that there is a little girl in our neighborhood that feuds with Zoe.  With this on my mind I wanted to have a little devotional about loving our enemies.  We started by watching a little mormon video about some primary children who went about their neighborhood looking for good to do, such as service.  After having a good little discussion, I turned to 3 Nephi 12 where we read about when Jesus was visiting the ancient inhabitants in Central AmerPaintingica.  We talked about what it meant to be a “peacemaker” as well as what we should do when we have enemiDancees that hate and persecute us.  I then asked Zoe, “Do you have any enemies that are mean to you?”  She happen to bring up the girl who she has had problems with.  I asked her what she thinks she should do and she responded that she should pray for and make cookies for this girl.  It is fun to help my children solve their own problems.  I hope this lesson was effective, because I want my Zoe to learn to be nice even when she is in difficult situations.

FairiesAfter our lesson, Zoe was super excited to make our little fairies.  We got out all of our materials and started making our plans.  Zoe also requested that we watch her last ballet recital which was recorded.  I was in China when they had their big show so I never had a chance to see it.  It worked out good because we were able to watch it as we made our crafts.  I like watching Zoe work because she puts a lot of focus into her efforts.  It was also great to see my little balarina in action.  We were missing some of the materials needed, such as giant cotton balls, so we had to improvise.  In the end I think they turned out cute enough.  Zoe sure loved them and ended up bringing one to school to give to her teacher.

I love Zoe and thoroughly enjoyed my morning with her!