Fablehaven 5 Jun22


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Fablehaven 5

Chase has been the most amazing kid ever!  Ever since we brought home Cooper, Chase has stepped up his game and been the most wonderful helper around the house.  He takes care of his younger siblings, cleans up, runs errands, does favors and keeps a smile on his face.  His willingness to help and attitude have been amazing!  Alicia and I can’t get over how great he has been.  As a way of thanking Chase and letting him know how grateful we are we bought him the last book in the Fablehaven series.  He read the last book that I got him on our last date in less than two weeks.  The kids read better than I do!

Along with the book I picked up some Krispy Kreme donuts to make a better date out of the event.  Chase wanted some cocoa to go along with his donuts and I had some milk.  After eating and chatting for a moment we spent the rest of the time cuddled up on our over-sized chair reading about a group of adventurers who are searching for artifacts and running from zombies.  In the particular chapter that we read, the group was stuck inside of a magically lit obsidian cave where they built a warrior out of clay, which turned to stone and then fought against another stone solder that was blocking a keyhole.

Anyway, I haven’t read any of the other Fablehaven books so I don’t know many of the details.  Nonetheless, it was great being with Chase during this crazy season of life.  Speaking of crazy season, even though I have done my little FatherMoment dates with my kids each week, it has been almost two months since I have been able to actually post them on my website.  The quality of my content is very poor since I have hastily written each post.  In fact, it is past 11:00 PM on Saturday and I am quickly typing this post.  I have been up late baking birthday cakes for the girls and then cleaning the kitchen.  Anyway, the important thing is that I am able to spend time with my kids on  a one-on-one basis.  Give me a few months and then I can put a little more effort in these blog posts.