Fablehaven 4 Jun01


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Fablehaven 4

Well, I am officially in the busiest season of my life!  Our sixth child, Cooper, was born yesterday, I started a new job two weeks ago and find myself extremely buys, plus I am commuting to Sandy each day, the demand from my executive MBA program is currently intense, and I continue to be busy as a bishop.  Anyway, the good news is that Chase and I were still able to go on a date this week.

Chase is only 10 and he is already a better reader than I!  He is currently consuming 300 page books in one week.  To put this into perspective, through my whole high school experience I read two books (Jay’s Journal, and The Old Man and the Sea).  Also, I made it through college and earned a Bachelor’s degree having only read about 3 chapters total.

Currently, one of Chase’s favorite books is Fablehaven.  For our date, I kept it very simple.  I surprised him by buying him the 5th book in the series and we simply stated up late and read on the couch.  It was fun to see how excited he was when he brought me up to speed by telling me all about the first three books.

For the date we only read 1 chapter and then we spent some time talking.  I was able to tell Chase how grateful I am for him.  It was a nice little evening.