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My little Aspen has some amazing will power!

Aspen wanted to wake up and do some exercising for our date!  I hope that this is something that she wants to do more often because it was so nice for me to squeeze some physical activity into my life.  My routine these days makes it very difficult to make it to the gym, and when I do I am usually stuck on a bike reading some school assignment.  Needless to say, it was nice to do something that required a little muscle.

We started our date by watching a few of the newest videos on lds.org.  One of the videos was a three part series by Elder Bednar about the light of Christ.  Aspen and I discussed and it was nice because it wasn’t rushed and the concepts seemed to click in her mind as she restated what she understood.

After the videos we went right into the exercises by starting with some pull-ups.  These were really hard for Aspen, but she managed to do one complete pull-up by herself.  After this I helped her to do five more assisted pull-ups.  I loved how hard she pushes herself.  She literally seemed to will herself to the top!

Push-ups were the second things on our list.  I have heard how Aspen has been showing off the fact that she can do forty push-ups.  Before she started I taught her that the amount of push-ups is not as important as how hard you push yourself  I also stressed the importance of good form, going all he way up and all the way down in a controlled motion.  I went first to demonstrate.  When it was her turn she went on to do forty-two perfect push-ups!  I loved how her arms started shaking at twenty-five and how she continued to push herself way beyond the point that her body wanted to stop.

To end the workout we did situps where Aspen was able to knock out another forty.  I took a bunch of pictures of her smiling and looking cute, but I prefer the ones that show how hard she is actually working.  I am amazed at the drive that she has, and did my best to positively reinforce it.  I hope that she always has the ability to push herself beyond her limits.  She is amazing!

After the exercises we made a healthy smoothie for breakfast.  It was a wonderful start to my day!