Driving Range Aug17


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Driving Range


Chase forgot a “great idea that [he] had for a date”, so he decided to take my suggestion of going to the driving range instead.  To start the date we actually drove to my work where we picked up my laptop computer since I was going to be Officeworking from home this morning.  This was nice because it gave us a little more time to talk.  I talked to Chase about his plans for this upcoming school year.  I tried to plant some ideas for Posesome good goals that he could set, but he didn’t seem all that interested.  I listen to him tell me about his friends.  There were some kids that were his friends in the past who are no longer on his friend list.  When I asked him why, he responded, “because they are starting to do bad stuff.” I was glad to hear that he recognizes bad behavior is his peers and that it is something that he avoids.

When we got to my work we had a bowl of cereal since I keep food in my office, and watch some Napolean Dynamite videos.  He hasn’t seen the movie yet, so we watched  a few clips. We plan on watching it as a family this weekend.  I think my kids will like it.Range

After picking up my laptop, we headed to Thanksgiving Point to hit a few balls. I bought two buckets which would make it so that I didn’t bother Chase giving him pointers, since I had my own bucket to keep me busy.  I asked him if he wanted me to go over some of the basics of golf or to help him in anyway and he nicely declined my offer.  I have a tendency to be annoying when trying to “help” Chase.  So, it worked out good that he was able to hit the whole bucket without a single pointer. Another perk was that there was a golf tournament going on, which meant that there were a lot of extra balls on the range that we were able to hit.

It was a nice morning!