Dollar Store Jul29


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Dollar Store

It amazes me how much my children love the Dollar Store!  Of all the things that Aspen wanted to do, going to the store with a $2.00 budget made it to the top of the list.

I actually made a very good attempt to talk her out of going to the store just because we have done this a few times and it just doesn’t seem to make for the most memorable date.  Nonetheless, one of the rules for my FatherMoments are that the kids pick the activity; so, I happily went along with my little girl.

Would you believe that we spent a full 32 minutes going up and down every aisle in search of the best prize?  Aspen is not known for her speedy decision making.  At one point she settled on a huge coloring book, at another she was excited about some hair accessories.  My role was simply to be the “yes-man”.  She bounced several decisions off me, and I excitedly agreed to all of them. In the end she came home with a bag full of Ring Pops and a whistling jet attached to a sling.

After our thorough shopping experience we returned home to share the goods with the others.  Aspen is the peacemaker in my home who readily thinks to share and make others happy.  Everyone was grateful for the candy, and then we spent the rest of the date playing in the front yard with the new toy.  Aspen was a little disappointed that the toy didn’t whistle like advertised.  This was a great time to teach her about getting what you pay for!