Disc Golf Jul26


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Disc Golf


Last night Zoe was torn on what we would do for our date.  She really wanted to play tennis again, but decided that we should do something a little different since we played on our last date.  She wanted to go golfing because she really liked Beetsdoing that in the past.  She also really liked playing Frisbee.  Since she brought up gold and Frisbee I suggested that we play “Frisbee Golf”.  She agreed, and the rest is history!Yuck

I will admit that I was a little weak and didn’t get out of bed when the alarm went off at 5:00 AM.  I justified my decision to sleep in a bit since it was still too dark to go and play outside.  When I did wake up my little Zoe we decided to start the day with a healthy green smoothie using up some of the beets that we grew in our garden.  As you can see from Zoe’s face, she didn’t exactly love the smoothie.

ParkWe drove to a disc golf course that is close to our house to start our round.  Zoe was instantly excited and distracted by the playground.  She was excited to show me some of her tricks and abilities.  I got a few pictures of her since she was so proud.

After playing with kicked off our round on “hole” number one.  Zoe and I played onTree the same team and just took turns throwing the disc.  I grew up playing Ultimate with my high school buddies.  We dominate the sport in our region.  In fact we went on to be the two-time UVU Ultimate champions.  I thought I would just throw that in to help validate myself and nurture my self-esteem.  Also, I just wanted to mention that we played with an Ultimate disc (165g).

BasketThe funnest part about our round was that we ran after every throw.  Zoe is getting quit fast and I was glad to see her having so much fun getting in some exercise.  After every toss she would say, “Let’s race!”  I love that she has the spirit of competition in her.

Since we ran we were able to finish our round rather quickly, which gave us time to stop by Lehi Bakery to get Zoe a cinnamon roll.  I have still on my health kick, so I passed.