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Dark Chocolate

I keep trying to explain to Chase that dark chocolate is for older women, but he continues to claim it as his favorite!  If you recall, I took Aspen to Starbucks a while back, where we worked on authoring a book.  While we were there we purchased some of their hot chocolate that she thought was disgusting.   It tasted more like a dark chocolate than a sweet milk chocolate.  Well, ever since Chase heard about that experience he has been anxious to go and try it for himself.  Today was the day that we made this dream come true.

To start our FatherMoment we read from the new For the Strength of Youth pamphlet.  Chase wanted to read the section on “Dating”, where we reviewed prophetic counsel on how Chase will one day woo the women of the world just like his old man (For the record, I was a dork; but, I don’t let the truth get in the way of my “glory-days” stories).   I can see the counsel about waiting until turning 16-years old before dating, always dating in groups, and not dating the same person too frequently being a potentially difficult thing for Chase to follow.  I can see it now, Chase will be sporting some black skinny pants, wearing a purple silk shirt, with Axe in the pits, and Old Spice on the chest, saying, “Come on Dad!  I am a peacock!  You gotta let me fly!”  Hopefully these early measures will prevent future conflicts.

After reading we braved the blizzard as we traveled to Starbucks, where we purchased the long anticipated hot chocolate.  Surprisingly, Chase did not like this little “Cup of Joe Jr.”  Maybe there is hope for him yet!  While at Starbucks we did some of Chase’s homework that he is a little behind on.  In the process I learned a bit about the Mississippi River, as well as what a “delta” is.

Last, we headed over to Gandolfos, where we got some great breakfast sandwiches.  The bad news is that I happen to be counting calories these days, and “The Crew” that I ate started my day with 1,100+ calories!  Chase and I chatted about his school, his friends, and his goals.  It was a pretty simple morning, that I really enjoyed!