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Our date got a little bit of a late start because when Aspen rolled into my room at 5:00 am I grabbed her and pulled her I to bed with Alicia and I, telling her that I “needed No-Alarmto cuddle” to start our date. We ended up falling asleep for another 15 Minutes. It was perfect!Mess

After our devotional we got to work on making some custom handmade invitations for our upcoming ugly sweater friend party that we are planning with the kids and their friends. Aspen dived right in with the glitter glue and wrote the names of her two friends that she is going to invite. Aspen has really cute handwriting and she did a great job making the envelopes look cute by adding some nice decorations.

My job was to tie the string on the miniature tags and then completely design one of the cards. I tried to employ good use of white space and keep my design simple. I added a background to my letters making them really pop on the card. Aspen subscribes to a more New Era style taking advantage of contrasting colors and textures. In the end I think that they both turned out exceptional.

CardsThe date itself was quite simple and there is not much more to write about other than for me to express how much I love my oldest daughter. She continues to be a joy and delight in our home. She is sweet and caring and an incredible peacemaker. She helps soften me and inspired me to be a better father. Aspen has been extra motivated and organized lately and I am so proud of the progress she is making in life

Aftperfect After our devotional er