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Custom Card

“Get feeling better!” was the message that Aspen wanted to send her dear grandmother who is recovering from a wrist surgery.  Acts like these are very typical of our little princess.  Aspen is one of the sweetest little girls on earth!  “Peacemaker”, “Helper”, and “Pleaser” are all words that describe her personality.  Of all the things that she wanted to do, “mak[ing] a card for Grandma Lynn” was first on the list.

Our scripture study was quite interesting.  In teaching Aspen about the creation, we some how ended up talking about procreation.  I will let you be the judge of how well it went, by letting you know that Aspen exclaimed thrice, “I don’t get why a boy and a girl have to get naked to make a baby”.  I decided to end the lesson at this point.

After our impromptu lesson on intercourse, we moved to the computer and made dear Grandma Lynn a card.  It was fun watching Aspen whip through a little computer program that she has taught herself to use.  After printing the card we drove to Grandma’s house and put it in her mailbox.  It was a little early to be knocking on the door.

Like most of our dates, my favorite part was talking in the car with Aspen.  On today’s occasion Aspen and I were both acting very silly as I tickled her and teased her most of the way home.  It was a great morning!