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Last week Alicia told me a story about a conversation that Scott had with one of his preschool classmates, Jackson.  When Jackson’s dad shown up to pick him up from preschool Scott got a sad face and said, “My dad used to come and get Schoolme”.  The conversation then turned into Jackson trying to comfort Scott by saying things like, “Don’t worry, you will see you dad tonight.”  Scott replied with things like, “No, my dad is never Carhome… not for dinner… not even for bed-time stories”.

It kills me that my life is so busy!  I was talking to Alicia this week about how I have not chosen to be busy.  Some men need to hear conference talks about making sure they spend enough time with their families, and still set themselves up for years of regret.  I don’t think I fall into this category.  I make every effort to be home but am always away doing things that I feel are fulfilling duties that God expects of me.  Even with my EMBA program.  It has never made sense for me to go back and earn a master’s degree.  It just always felt like something that I was inspired to do.

CulversAnyway, I wanted to surprise Scott by picking him up from school in the middle of the day, rather than Drinkinggetting up with him in the early morning.

Scotland has been super excited about this date, and it was fun to be able to pick him up from school again like I used to when I was working from home.

Our actual date was simple; I just picked him up and then took him to Culvers where he was able to get some food and a shake.  We had a lot of fun talking and we laugh a lot, also.  The picture of Scott in the car shows his face when I was teasing him about how much he loves hamburgers (he says that he “hates” them).

Although I consumed 1,200+ calories for lunch, it was still a great date!