Creek Jul13


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Scotland happened to be having a little sleep-over with his grandma Thompson on Thursday, so he was not home and available to go on a date on Friday morning.  This worked out great because Scott has been super excited all week for me to take him to the creek for his FatherMoment.

All week long Scotland is very envious of the fact that Chase gets to go spend long hours, almost every day playing in the creek by our house.  Chase has exciting stories and brings home several treasures to tease and excite Scotland’s young mind, such as crawdads, carp, and bugs.  So, Scotland was super excited for his chance for an adventure.

We started the date by taking a delicious pastry to his new friend, Taia (I don’t know if I am spelling it correctly).  Scott was with me a last week when I stopped by Chris Heath’s house to see if I could help her with a little water leak that she was having around her water heater.  While I was there Scott played the whole time in the sprinklers with Chris’ granddaughter.  Since that time he has be asking daily if he could go to “his friends” house.  We thought that our date would be a great opportunity for Scott to make a visit.

After dropping off the treat we headed right to the creek.  Scotland remembers that last time I took him to the creek, and how we brought a homemade spear.  Unfortunately, we did not have a spear, but we had the next best thing… a bat!  We invited Chase to come with us since he had the most experience at the creek.  It was super enjoyable for me to sit back with the camera and be the lookout for fish.  I would let Chase and Scott know when I saw the fish coming and then shout at Scott to, “Attack!” as soon as the fish were near.  Scott’s manly Gardner instincts would come to life as he went ape and got all gangsta on the fish with his trusty bat (I can’t think of an adequate way to explain just how impressive Scott’s offense was).

It was a beautiful morning to watch my boyz in their element.