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He is only 4 and already he is hooked on Costco!  I am not sure if he fully comprehended the question, but when asked if he likes Disneyland or Costco better, Scotland chose Costco.

On Monday, Scotland was not happy that Alicia was the person picking up from school.  He asked, “Where’s dad?”  Apparently, there was some confusion and he was expecting me to pick him from school to take his on his date.  He summed it with the words, “Dad tricked me!”.  Alicia had to explain that his date was in fact “this week“, but not “this day“.  Everyday since Scott has been asking, “Is today my date?”  Also, he has been very adamant about wanting to go to Costco so he could get “that one treat”.   I was not sure what he was referring to.  He is a funny kid!

Because Costco is not open at 5:00 AM, we made arrangements start our FatherMoment in the afternoon, right after preschool.  We started our Costco experience at the pumps where Scott selected the grade of gasoline and then pumped it into the car.  Our next step was the customer service counter where we returned some pants.  He was the only to give back the pants and ask for the refund.

Since we were there around lunch, we decided to grab a little bite at the food court.  Once again, Scotland did all the talking and handed over some cash to the cashier.  He went with a hot dog and a “bread stick” (cinnamon churro).  I went with a good old slice of pizza.  While we were eating I turned to the man next to us and asked how he liked the new sandwich available at the food court that I noticed he was eating.  Scotland reprimanded me and said, “Dad!  You are not suppose to talk to strangers.”  I thought this was pretty funny!

After are fine dining, we strolled around Costco and went to every treat and goodie that we could find.  In the end Scott chose to by some Creamies that he could bring home and share with his Siblings.  The best part of the date was taking pictures of my crazy looking child.  He takes after Alicia is the fact that he puts on his “game face” whenever the camera is pointed at him!