Corn Hole May16


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Corn Hole


I played corn hole this morning with my sweet little Lola Jean!

SleepingI woke Lola early and told her to get herself ready for our date. I thought it was super cute to see her back asleep when I came back into her room a few minutes later. I teased her by saying, “Lola, did you fall back asleep?” She responded, “But daddy, I am so tired!”. I took a picture of her still in bed to remember the moment.Big-Donut

I out her on my back and we went downstairs to start our date with a devotional. We said a prayer together and then watched a video about…

Lola wanted to start our date by going to the store and getting donuts for the whole family. I love how donuts have become her default and standard activity for every one of our dates. We drove to Maceys and chatted the whole way there and back. She picked out the big Texas donuts that she was later excited to share. We ended up cutting all the donuts up into bite-sized pieces.

After donuts we went to our backyard and played cornhole. She love how she is so miniature and I get a kick out of watching her do things. She had fun throwing the corn-filled bags around and posing for the camera while I took her picture. We didn’t have a lot of time to play our game, but Lola Donuts-sharedidn’t seem to notice or mind.

Lola continues to be the funnest little girl to be around. She has very unique and cute mannerisms that make it so I just can’t get enough of her. She is perfect for the role sheThrowing2 fills as my baby girl.