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TogetherEvery dad needs a little Lola Jean!  I love my girls and they are especially cute and fun when they are miniature!

DevotionalLola and I started our date by watching a video about the time when Christ healed a man on the Sabbath.  I didn’t think Lola would comprehend the lesson in the video, but I was surprised at her understanding.  She wanted to watch the video twice and we talked out the details of what was going on.  I love cuddling up with my kiddos in the early morning and engaging in a gospel discussion.

After the lesson we headed on into the kitchen where we started making cookies to be used out our Gardner Family Halloween Party the next night.  My FatherMoments baking expeSugarriences are always so much better than when I am baking at other times.  I am not as rushed and I am not in a chaotic situation.  I was able to let Lola do about every step of the process, including cracking the eggs, which she did without getting any shell in the dough.  You will see in the picture that she was really proud of how strong she was, being able to lift the brown sugar.  We followed the Toll-House recipe, but added a packet of vanilla pudding and change the proportions on white and brown sugar, which made the cookies amazing!  I have a hard time sticking to recipes.  I have actually been on a kick for the last 3 months where I haven’t been eating any treats.  I used our MixingHalloween Party as an exception to eat a cookie 😉

The cookies ended up turning out great, but Lola was a little confused in the end.  When we wereLick done she asked, “Dad, when are we going to go on our date?”  I tried to explain that our date had been baking cookies, but in her mind a date is defined as when you go somewhere away from home and then get a doughnut.  I think she was a little dissapointed.  I will make sure we get a doughnut on our next date!