Connect 4 Dec30


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Connect 4

This has been a wonderful year!  I can’t help but be excited about this last FatherMoment that I had with Scotland.  I started this goal a year ago, to take one of my kids on a date each week, and today is the one year anniversary!

Scott-Dogg received a new game, Connect 4, from Santa Claus a week ago, and he wanted to play it for our date.  We started the date by watching a few video clips about LDS primary children living in other countries.

Afterwards we hopped in the car and headed to the bakery where Scott graciously picked out donuts for all of his siblings (I ate a few as well).  With the New Year coming up, we have been binging this week in preparation for our upcoming diet.  On the car ride over we wrestled and played games.  Scott kept calling me “mom”, and then I would pretend to get mad and attack him.  He thought this was hilarious!  At the bakery he enjoyed hand picking every donut, and he especially enjoyed being the one to hand over the credit card to pay for the goods.

When we left the bakery, I pretended like we were locked out of the car, and told Scott that we were going to need to walk home.  He said, “Dad, why don’t you just use the key to unlock the door?”  He felt like a genius for saving the day.  He reminded me, twice, on the car ride home about how I thought we were locked out of the car, and how he reminded me to use the key.  I love three-year-olds!

Upon arriving at our home we quickly got to our donuts.  The other kids were upstairs and Scott whispered to me the whole time we ate.  Actually, he came over and explained to me that we were not “whispering, but just talking really quiet”.  I just let this one go.

As the grand finale to our date, we setup the game and then played 5 rounds.  I won two of the rounds, and Scott one three!