Christmas Tree Dec20


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Christmas Tree


Scott was excited to sleep underneath the Christmas Tree this season; so, we decided that this is what we would do for our date.

BedTo make the sleepover into more of an event Scot suggested that we make up some hot cocoa.  We had some hot cocoa packets that someone had given to us as a Christmas gift, which Scott had been looking at all week long; so. he was a little more excited than normal to make up a cup of Mormon Jo.Hot-Cocoa

After our bedtime beverage we engaged in playing this cheap little games that Scott received from his school.  They were little plastic games with two little BB’s inside that you tried to flick up into little cups worth points.  The middle cup was worth 500 and it was the hardest cup to get the BB’s to land in.  We made a challenge to see which of us would be the first to get both BB’s into the 500 cup.  This surprisingly took a long time and I had almost given up before finally winning the challenge.

CupTo end the night Scott and I watched some Christmas videos by The 500'sChurch.  After the second video Scott was already starting to fall asleep, so we called it a night.  We turned off the lights and slept underneath the tree.

I hope this night will be a good memory for my little man.