Christmas – Lola Nov07


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Christmas – Lola



I must say that love the little peace sign that Lola threw in our picture above. She has no idea just how cool she is, and I love her for it!

CarLola has been so excited for our date. The only bad thing was that her date fell on the week that Alicia went in for a majorDonut-Store surgery and was in the hospital all weekend. Since I was holding down the fort it was necessary to bring little William and Cooper on our date. Lola was very gracious in allowing them to tag along. Lola wanted to go Christmas shopping for our date, which I told her was going to have to be  postponed. So, instead we just went to Lehi Bakery and picked up some donuts to enjoy.

Lola is a cute big sister, taking really good care of Cooper (when she is not torturing him, that is). I love the pictures of her with her arms around him. To see affection from Lola is not the most common thing.

DonutWe came home and ate the donuts and ended the first half of our date. Later when the little ones were sleeping we were able to slip off to the Dollar Tree and let Lola pick out two presents for Dollar-Treeeach of her siblings. I think there was some extreme impulse buying going on, but in the end our mission was accomplished and Lola is all ready for Christmas!