Christmas List Nov18


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Christmas List

She’s making a list, she’s checking it twice…!  This morning Aspen wanted to put together her Christmas list and do a little window shopping.

We started our date by watching a few videos (video1, video2).  Aspen told me that she liked video2 better.

We then started thinking of some great ideas for gifts that she could get for her siblings.  Aspen is very thoughtful and it was cute to hear her get excited about her own ideas.  To help us get more ideas we went online and checked out a few of the upcoming Black Friday ads.  We found that a lot of the items that were already on her list were going to be on sale the morning after Thanksgiving.  Aspen was extra excited about this!  We then spent some time watching a few UFC and MMA highlights on youtube.  I thought that this would give Aspen a little insight and mental preparation for the big day when we would wake early to fight off the crowds.

After creating the list, we decided to go to the store and browse the merchandize.  We ended up at Walmart, since it is the only retail store open at 5:30 AM.  Aspen was a little distracted by all of the cool gifts that she would interested in receiving herself.  This was a good way for me to get a few ideas our how Momma and I can make her dreams come true on the morning of December 25th.  We shopped hand-in-hand, and ended up finding, and purchasing, a cute little toy that Lola would love.

The best part of the date was seeing the sunrise when we walked out of the store.  We took a bunch of pictures and ended up sitting in our parked car watching the sky change from a deep red to a brilliant orange.  It was beautiful!  I taught her about the meaning of the saying, “Red sky at night, sailor delight.  Red sky in morning, sailor take warning”.  A storm is coming!