Christmas II Oct24


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Christmas II

Aspen kicked off the Christmas shopping early this season on our last date and Zoe was excited to follow suite.

MachineIn trying to emphasize the meaning of Christmas Zoe and I read about how God’s work and glory is “to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man”, and how this was Maskaccomplished because “God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son”, and how “greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for his friends”. We read and discussed these three scriptures and talked about how God gave us His son, Jesus Christ, and how Christ gave his life for us. Of course, we then drew the connection between the reason that we give gifts on Christmas.

After our little study we headed to the store. Zoe was not quite as prepared as Aspen in having a list prepared, but she did think ahead an bring two quarters so that she could play the claw game at Walmart where you try and win a stuffed animal. It was a little sad because as soon as she placed her hand on the joy stick she accidentally pushed the button causing the claw to prematurely drop before she was ready. Oh well!

Zoe found, picked up, and almost bought on average 25 different gifts for each of her siblings. In her mind every toy would be loved by her brothers and sisters. This was kind of fun, but did make it so that shopping was a little prolonged and longer than it needed to be. GunTo speed up the process I finally broke down and bribed her with a cookie if we could get out of the store at a certain time. This method worked beautifully well!Cookie

To remember that we were doing our Christmas shopping early, I had her take one picture in the Halloween section. In the end Zoe completed all of her shopping with $30 left in her budget. I was impressed! However this money is already burning a hole in her pocket.

As promised, we finished our date with some cookies and milk. This ended up being the best part of the date because I was able to just sit and listen to Zoe. I love the great animation and expression that goes into her stories. She is such a cute girl!