Christmas I Oct17


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Christmas I


Nothing like knocking out the Christmas shopping before Halloween!

CartAspen is already excited about Christmas.  She made her list of presents that she wanted to get for her siblings and made sure that this was what we did for our FatherMoment date.Confused

Since our theme was Christmas centered, we decided to start our date by reading in the New Testament about the birth of Christ.  Aspen and I had a nice little discussion about the significance of the Savior’s birth.  After our devotional we hopped in the car and headed out to the stores.

Aspen and the rest of the kids have been enjoying their Fall break this weekend which made it so that Aspen and I were able to slip out in the middle of the day.  We stopped by Costco first since they already have their Christmas presents and decorations on display so that we could get some wrapping paper and see what else they had there.  One thing that was not on our list was a “Naughty Elf” that Aspen begged me to buy for the family.  I liked her suggestion, but want it to be a surprise, so I told her “No” with the plan on going back later to get it.

I was really impressed with Aspen’s ability to make good decisions.  She doesn’t get tricked into buying the first thing that she wants.  She brought her little notebook that had a list of all Featurethe presents that she wanted to get.  She was very thoughtful in choosing what she wanted to give each child.  It was fun to see her getting so excited about getting presents for others.  I Carswill add that Aspen in a very unselfish person that is caring and loving.  She is a blessing to our home and a wonderful daughter to take on a date.

We thoroughly enjoy our time with each other and Aspen spent $98 of her $100 budget.  Her future husband will thank me for my fiscally responsible girl!

The only bad thing about this date is that I can include any pictures of the gifts that she ended up buying since we don’t want the others to find out.