Chocolate Morning Sep28


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Chocolate Morning

Last night when Zoe and I planned our date she stated that she wanted to wake early, paint her fingernails and then watch a movie.  However, we both woke up feeling a bit chilly, so we changed the plan.

For our devotional we watched the same video that Aspen and I watched on our date.  It references one of my favorite talks by Hugh B. Brown called. “God is the Gardener“.

After our discussion we went to the kitchen to make a little hot cocoa, only to discover that we were out of our Stephen’s milk chocolate cocoa.  This is when we called an audible and decided that we should run to the store and purchase some more.

Zoe thought it would be best if we painted her nails first, so we went to the kitchen table where Zoe picked out the multiple colors that she wanted for her nails.  She decided to go with an “ice” theme, picking only the polishes that were this brand.  I quickly painted her nails and applied a layer of clear coat, and then we were off to the store.

Before entering the store we found a nice little backdrop where Zoe could show off her ability to do the splits (or maybe they are called straddles).  She has been showing me her new trick all week.

After entering the store we found a nice selection of cocoa mixes, but none stood out like the Swiss Miss with rainbow colored marshmallows to Zoe.  I was more partial to the generic brand with extra mallows, especially since it was on sale.  We agreed that we could take a picture with the Swiss Miss since it would present better, but that we should purchase the Western Family since it was a better bargain.

On the way out of the store we happened to pass the Hostess Chocolate Donettes which where on sale as well.  We couldn’t resist and ended up picking up a box of those to share with the rest of the family.  This is what made our FatherMoment turn into a chocolate morning!