Chicken Coop May23


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Chicken Coop


Alicia and I bought some amazing tickets to the Real Salt Lake game.  They were Lions Club tickets that came complete with valet parking, dinner, pre-game meeting with the team manager, snacks, premium seating on big Togetherpadded chairs, half-time snack, stadium entry through the same tunnel that the players enter through, post game dessert, and an after party with the players and coaches. Taco-Bell Sweet!

Chase wanted to go so bad, so we gave him an opportunity to earn a ticket by staining our chicken coop. On our date we woke up early and got some breakfast at Taco Bell.  Chase was still hungry so we hopped over to Carl’s Junior for some more food.  After eating we came home and I helped Chase with his chore.  He had procrastinated this particular chore because I think it overwhelmed him a bit.Coop

SprayingI am writing this post late so I forgot many of the details, but here are some pictures…