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Together was born this morning!

DevotionalAlicia maintains a blog,, and I have two, and  Chase thought it would be a good time to follow in his parents footsteps.

We followed our established routine of waking early and starting our FatherMoment with a devotional.  This morning we watched the three part video series by Elder D. Todd Christofferson about “Daily Bread”.  They were about Pattern, Experience, and Change.  Chase and I spent some time afterwards chatting about these principal and then continud with our date.McDonalds

We decided to head to McDonalds and discuss the vision of his blog over some breakfast.  Chase didn’t really like the idea of using his blog as a journal since there would be some personal things that he wouldn’t want to publish to the world.  He did really like the idea of making a site that could one day make money.  In the end he decided upon a blog that would be about something that he was actually intersted in.  He wanted to make a “Media Blog” that would contain links and reviews about some of his favorite forms of media.  His categories were going to be Books, Videos (YouTube), Games (video), and Movies.  He was really excitet about this idea.

FinishedI got in a little bit of trouble because Alicia strongly suggested that we set Chase up with a cheap blogspot blog.  I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  Since I am already paying for hosting I thought we might as well spend $13 and register a domain name that is better.  In the end, like I mentioned, we found and settled on was also available that I was tempted to get him, but it was something like, $4,000 and I didn’t think Alicia would approve.

We didn’t have time to pick a good theme or to add any content, but we were able to get the blog completely live.  Chase has already played with the background and added a custom image that he created.  I need to carve our some time in the near future to get him dabbling in some HTML.  I think a personal blog could be a healthy little project for Chase.  It would certainly be preferable to playing video games which seems to plague most kids his age.

Anyway, we will have to see if Chase ends up putting much time into his new blog.