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I was laughing last night when talking with Alicia about how Scott wanted to play charades for our date, because it seemed a little funny to play with just two people.  However, I must say that this morning was one of my funnest dates with my little man.Egg

DevotionalWe started our date on our knees saying a prayer, and then we watched a video about when Christ healed a man on the Sabbath.  I hope these devotionals teach a pattern to my children about the importance of putting God first in their lives, as well as creating a habit of starting their days off with prayer and scriptures study.  It sure is nice being able to do a devotional in a one on one setting where I can cater the message to their age and understanding level.

After our lesson we started our game of charades.  I laughed hard because on Scott’s first turn he went and curled up in a ball on the floor.  At first I waited for him to do something, since I usually think of charades as acting out something, and then I realized that we was acting.  I started guessing, “A rock?”, “A dirt clod?”.  Then, he gave me a hint, “I am trying to be round”.  I then guessed a turtle, ball, and snail.  Finally he had to tell me the answer, “I am an unborn chicken inside of an egg”.  For the record, that was my next guess! Tiger

Scott felt like a genius because he was able to guess mine every time, and I only guessed about 50% of his.  The real question is where the talents lies, in the guessing or in the acting?  Another one of my favorites of Scott’s was when he simply stood there holding a little UmbrellaHalloween toy.  I had no clue until he gave me a hint, “It is raining.”  This time I got it, “You are a man holding an umbrella!”.

There were a few occasion where I had to wrestle him to the ground and tickle him.  He loved this.  This became part of our game.  After revealing what he was, I would exclaim, “What!?”, and then he would laugh and take off running.  I would chase after him, tackle him, and tickle him.  I love his laugh!  It brightens my day.Donut

After playing for a while we decided that it would be appropriate to go to the store and buy him a donut.  We headed over to Macey’s where Scotland picked out a maple bar.  I let him have the credit card and pay for it himself, which he enjoys.

After he ate his donut, we sat at the computer and looked back through our FatherMoment dates of the past.  Today marks our 35 date together.

To end the date we snuck back upstairs where everyone was still sleeping and Scott hopped in bed with Alicia to go back to bed (It’s Fall Break this weekend).  What a great morning!

(BTW, I should mention that he had a Halloween party last night and Scott still has marker all over his face.)