Career Day Nov14


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Career Day

Together I never got to go to wor with ¬†your dad when I was young. What a cool opportunity for me to spend some time with Chase and expose him to a day in the office. I was the first person to arrive at the office today and I had Chase join me for my little routine of eating some breakfast in my office while planning the day. We then proceeded to Doorcatch up on emails and update some reports. I had one executive meeting, two conference calls, and an operations Featuremeeting that helped break up the day and help Chase stay engaged. At one point I could tell that he was getting a little bored so we did a quick tour of the office and introduced him to the team. Chase was able to spend a good chunk of time with our COO, Chandler Hoarsley, and get some good advice. I have ways been surprised at Chase’s confidence with adults. He is mature and well behaved, which makes it fun to show him off to my co-workers. Chase especially liked how I keep a stocked mini refrigerator in my office along with my “mini-bar” of snacks. He refilled his cup several times. He especially liked the honey roasted peanuts. Chase asked severalquestions and seemed truly interested by several things. To end the date Chase watched me play ping-pong with the current office champion, Brad Call, who I happen to beat. We put on quite the show for Chase. I have only ever best Brad one other time and that happen to be during the company tournament. What can I say, I can step it up when it counts. After Brad and I played Chase and I played a game. Chase is a natural and will be able to beat his old man one day I am sure.