Caliente & Frio Dec16


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Caliente & Frio

Be on the lookout for a sensational children’s book about a unique boy and girl who were made for each other!  Aspen and I spent the morning in Starbucks illustrating and writing a new children’s story.

We started our date watching some great little videos with nice holiday messages (video1, video2).  It went along with our original plan for this morning’s FatherMoment.  All week we were planning on setting up a little booth where we would serve free hot chocolate to all of the kids waiting for the school bus to pick them up.  We were going to create a little poster that said, “Hot Chocolate for a Carol”, where we would make the children sing us a Christmas song in exchange for a cup of cocoa.  Anyway, when Aspen woke this morning she had changed her mind and decided that she wanted to create a book instead.

We decided that it would be funner to get away from the house and go create our story at a restaurant.  Aspen wanted me to take her to a place that she had never been before; so, I took her to Starbucks.  Aspen ordered two “birthday cake donuts” and a some kid’s hot chocolate.  She really enjoyed the donuts, but hated the cocoa!  After one taste she decided that she had had enough.

The story that Aspen wanted to create is one that I made up for her years ago about a little girl who was born in the North Pole, named Caliente, who was so hot to the touch that the doctor dropped her when she was born.  Caliente’s parents had to wear oven mitts just to hold her, and they quickly discovered that she would only eat hot dogs, hot chocolate, hot chilli peppers, and hot tamales.  The nice thing about being so hot is that she didn’t have to wear winter gear when she went out side, and another nice thing was that boys were all attracted to her.  Unfortunately, Caliente’s life was also somewhat of a tragedy because all of the boys lost interest in her because whenever they tried to hold her hand, dance with her, or kiss her… they would get burned!  The story goes on to introduce a boy, named Frio, who is the exact opposite of her.  He was born in the Sahara Desert and is extremely cold.  He has the similar problems with girls because of his body temperature.  In the end, fate brings the two together where they fall in love, get married, and have a baby boy.  They name the boy “Luke”, because he is warm.

Anyway, the morning was fantastic and we had a lot of fun.  It is great to see Aspen’s creative side in motion!