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Little Lola’s date fell on a Friday during Spring Break while we were staying at a hotel as a family; so, we ended up sneaking out on an evening the following week.

KneadersThe plan was for her and I to decorate my new and freshly painted beehive boxes. We were going to dip her hands in paint and then have her put her hand prints all over Cookieusing different colors. I was excited to do this but, of course, Lola wanted to start the date by getting a donut. I was able to talk her into cookies instead since it was evening time. I just wanted to break up our routine a bit.

I ended up taking her to Kneaders Bakery where she picked out an big Easter egg sugar cookie. On the car ride there I had Lola teach me “how to pray” as a way of trying to help her with her own prayers. For some reason her personal prayers are not clicking for her. She still prefers that I say them, or that I tell her what to say. However, there are times when she says amazing, heartfelt, original prayers; so, I know she is more than capable. I still don’t think her comprehension of God and talking to someone who is not present is great.

After Kneaders I got the idea to change up the plan and take her to Cabell, which ended up being perfect! Lola loved that
ChairSuckerplace and even asked, “Can we stay here the whole night and never leave?” She was so cute to wander around the store with as she chatted my ear off while being super consumed and distracted by the wonders around her. Half way through the adventure she needed to use the bathroom, which I only bring up because as soon as she walked in she noticed there was a bit of an echo and she starting shouting super loud, thinking it was so cool. The other men in the bathroom got a kick out of her.

I think her favorite parts were getting a lolipop from and nice employee, riding a pink stick pony, and playing with the various toy guns. My little tomboy was in heaven and we had a wonderful evening!