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Bulb Ornaments


We have a Christmas tradition in our home of making a “service chain” to put on our tree that serves as a count until Christmas morning.  We get strips of paper and all write acts of service that we will perform for each other.  Well, yesterday, StartingAlicia’s service of having a sleep over with Aspen was picked, which made it so that Zoe was able to come and sleep in my room last night.  So, our my FatherMoment was able to start early!

When we woke up we stayed snuggled in bed and watched a great video on my iPad about some humble people who went and did service on Christmas morning since it was there only dayHot-Glue off of work.  It was a great message to start our day.  Before getting out of bed I wrestled with Zoe a bit and tried to convince her that we should just stay in bed and punch each other.  It was funny being able to play with her.  Also, I was able to hold her for a bit and tell her how much I love her.  I think this was timely because she happen to tell me about the daydream she had yesterday in which she ran away from home.  Zoe is a little Alicia in many ways 😉

Zoe is definitely a very creative and crafty little girl, so I was excited to make some custom ornaments with her.  We took some replacement Christmas light bulbs and decorated them using glue and glitter.  We then added ribbon and some tinsel stuff.  In the end I think that they turned out quite cute.  I let Zoe pick all of the patterns she wanted on the bulbs, but had a difficult time with a few of the requests.  She wanted polka dots, which doesn’t sound too hard, but when you put a little glue dot on the bulb it stretches into a strand when you try to pull it off (not sure if that makes sense).  Also, she wanted me to do a checker board pattern, which would have been impossible.  Maybe it is a good thing that she is not Treeaware of my limits and in-capabilities.Ornaments

After making them Zoe was excited to think of all the people she would give them to.  She was most excite to think about giving one to her Arabic teacher.  She has been excited about giving things away these days, which is fun to see.  At her school they are doing a little secret Santa, where Zoe sneaks a gift into the box of one of her classmates each day.  She loves this.

Well, it was a great morning with my little girl.  I sure love being a father!