Brawling Dec06


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Nothing like a little Wii Brawling with my first born girl to start my day!

Of course, before we started, we had a Christmas-Treenice little devotional, watching a good little video about temple square in Salt Lake City.  This was fun because it happens to be the temple where Alicia and I were married and sealed to each other for time and all eternity.  We talked a little bit about marriage and how one day Aspen will have her own family, and like Alicia, with be the key to everybody’s happiness.

After our nice chat we went strait to the Wii where we can beat each other up electronically.  Although these are not the most memorable dates, my kidVideos sure like playing the Wii with me.

I don’t believe in taking it easy on people, especially my own kids.  I think it is disrespectful.  With that stated I whooped Aspen for our first tVictoryhree battles!  You should have seen me 😉

However, Scott Dogg rolled down stairs and received permission from Aspen to join us.  With a third  man in the fight Aspen started to dominate.  She went on to win the next 4 battles, making her the reigning champ.  They won’t admit it, but I think both of them were ganging up on me.  That is the only way that I can explain my lost.

The best part about our battles is that whoever won the battle on the screen got to punch the loser in real life as part of their victory dance.  I have always been a gifted gloater and my children are starting to pick it up nicely.  I teach my children about the importance of humility and how it is our calling in life to help humble others.  I thought that this was an appropriate lesson for the Christmas season.