Bracelets May12


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I was thrilled when Zoe told me that she wanted to go and play racquetball for the third time!  Unfortunately, we were unable to reserve a court for this morning; so, we ended up going to Walmart instead to purchase a bracelet kit.

To start the date we watched a great little Mother’s Day Video and then discussed a few things pertaining to it’s message (I actually got teary-eyed watching the video).  One of the key points was the importance of dads spending time with their daughters.  I apologized to Zoe for being gone so much since I am gone all the time due to my schooling and my church calling.  Her response was really cute.  She said, “Its okay since you are doing the things that Jesus wants you to do.”  I think she is giving me the benefit of the doubt, but I told her that I was trying.

After watching the video she asked me a interesting question.  She said, “If you killed someone who was trying to steal baby Cooper (He hasn’t been born, yet) would you still be able to go to Heaven?”  I read her the passage in Mormon 2:23 as justification/permission to kill someone who was attacking my family.  I told Zoe that it is my job to protect her and that I would rip apart anyone that tried to harm her, and that I would still get to be her dad in the next life.  I think this brought her some comfort.

After this talk about killing people, we headed over to Walmart where we picked up a little bracelet kit that Zoe was excited about.  One thing that I force my little girls to do on our dates is wait for me to open their car doors.  Zoe is a stinker and always opens her door before I can make it around to her side.  I took a picture of it this time just for memory’s sake.  While at Walmart we tried to buy some donuts, but they didn’t have any made, yet.

Our next stop for donuts was at Lehi Bakery, but they were closed too.  As we were passing Kohlers we decided to try out their donuts but were rejected, again, since their doors were still locked.  Finally, we ended up stopping by Macey’s where we were able to find some nice fresh donuts.  They have  a little place with some tables where we ended up ingesting our sweet breakfast.

By the time we returned home we were a little rushed to whip out a couple of bracelets, but I still think that they turned out nice!