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Well, we finally finished the boxes that we started months ago!  Just in time for Christmas too!

HotGlueI am currently over 2 months backed logged on these FatherMoment posts, and my goal is to have them all posted before Christmas.  So, you may notice that my actual content is a little thin Finished_Zoeand rushed.  Oh well!  The actual date is more important than the posts.  Also, the main part of these posts that I like best are the pictures.

Anyway, Zoe and I just finished a wonderful date.  We woke up early and decorated some fancy boxes that Zoe is going to give to Aspen and Lola.  In fact, at the time of this writing, Zoe has already given her box to Aspen, as you can see in the picture.  Zoe rushed in and woke Aspen up with her surprise, since she was so excited to show her.  I think the decision to add feathers was a really good call!

FinishedI told Zoe that we had better let little Lola sleep a bit longer before giving her, herAspen box.  Lola has been sick lately.

The actual construction of the boxes went well.  I loved how Zoe was not timid about jumping in and doing things.  She made all the design decision and was the official “gluer”.  It made for a great morning!