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Box Game


Another great morning with my darling Zoe!

BlankSheetWe started our date with a little devotional where we watched a video telling a story about a man who was living below his priviliges.  We had a nice little talk about Zoe’s potential and her opportunities in this life.  TellingAlicia

Last night when I had checked with Zoe, she was still undecided about our activity.  After a bit of brainstorming Zoe became excited when I suggested that we play the “Box Game”.  We went to the kitchen where the children had conveniently left paper all over the counters from the previous day and we created our dotted grid.

FinalScoreFor the next 30 minutes we sat close to one another andNoDonuts chatted as we connected each of the dots with lines.  For those who haven’t played this game before, the goal is to be the person who makes the most boxes by connecting the last side of a square.  Zoe was really enjoying this game and was being super cute because after every one of her turns she would give Alicia, who was studying at the table, the play by play of what was going on.   Speaking of Alicia, Zoe has inherited her tendency to cheat!  In this game you are only allowed to draw one line, buMaceyWorkert Zoe would often sneak and draw two.  Also, there was one occasion where I completed a square and then Zoe quickly wrote her initial in my box.  Yep… just like her mom!  No wonder she was so excited to tell Alicia about her craftiness.

In the end, Zoe spanked me pretty good with a final score of 92 (Zoe) to (56) me.  As a winning prize, I took Zoe to Macey’s where she was able to get a giant Texas donut.  Because of the early hour the donuts where not yet out.  I had to flirt with one of the bakery employees to get him to go and get us a donut from the back.  I don’t have any problem showing a little leg if its for a good cause, and getting a donut for my little princess is certainly such a cause.