Bowling Feb10


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I know that my FatherMoments are supposed to be focused on the children, but guess who just bowled a 206?  Yes, that is right!  My fatherhood was at its finest this evening as I performed an amazing feat, in front of Chase; knocking out 5 strikes and 4 spares in the great “sport” of bowling.  More than ever, Chase is proud to be a Gardner and inspired as he got a taste of his genetic potential.  It was a blessing that we had the camera with us to capture this historic event on pixels.

Tonight, for my marketing class, I had to take a midterm exam, which made it so I was able to leave early (that is one of the benefits of being unprepared).  So, I decided to bump my date with Chase up to this evening.  This made it so that we could go do something that we are not normally able to do at 5:00 AM.  I called Chase up on my drive home from school and surprised him.  He asked if we could go hit the lanes, and the rest is history.

In my attempt to cram for my exam, I hadn’t eaten any dinner, so we started our evening by stopping by China Isle, in American Fork, for some of their walnut shrimp.  It was quite delicious!  Chase is my one child that shares my love of seafood.  It was really nice because we had a lot of time to talk.  Chase told me all about how his school is going, as well as some crazy ideas that he has.  He has quite the imagination which triggered the thought that I should teach him how to make little movies using PowerPoint 2010.  I bet he would love it!  I suggested that we do this for our next date.  He also told me how I have “freaked him out” about girls, because of some stories I have told him about these aggressive Y-less chromosomed creatures.  He also sees how Alicia, to this day, can’t get enough of me, and it scares him to see some of these pressures of manhood.  I assured him that after puberty, he will have the tools and the confidence needed to tame the wild women of this world.

Anyway, after dinner we headed over to Jack and Jills where we bowled two games.  We didn’t get done until almost 10:00 PM, and it was a fun evening!  The only bad part was how I choked and left the last frame open.  Tripping at the finish line seems to be the story of my life!