Book Walk Jun07


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Book Walk


Tonight was one of my favorite dates that I have had with Chase!

PathI am still trying to catch up on a few dates that I missed while in Asia, so we slipped out on Thursday night at 10:00 PM right when I arrived home from school.Feature

Chase and I decided to go on a walk to the grocery store that is just over a mile away.  While we walked we brainstormed ideas about a book that Chase could write.  It was a blast!  I had just returned from a class on creativity and innovation so I was on a little kick.

We were really feeding off of each other and coming up with some really great ideas.  I was able to teach chase a little bit about some literary terms such as plot, antagonist, and protagonist.  We both were totally lost in an imaginary world.  I was so fun.

We got to the store, purchased some drinks and a little treat, then started our walk home.

CandyBy the end of the walk we had come up with a few ideas for a story that I think were pretty good.  Here they are…

We dreamed up a world where there would three gods.  Each had dominion over Selectiontheir own worlds.   One world was like an earth, and the other two were going to be like the simple concepts of heaven and hell.  In our story the God of the earth-like planet became very jealous of the other gods realizing that their worlds were final stops for all the inhabitants that arrived and his dominions all died and passed on to another world.  To fix this he made a deal with a nation of people on his planet promising them immortality.  They agreed, but he tricked them.  They didn’t realize that they would stop progressing and there existence would become meaningless after thousands of years.  Also, in order to keep them alive the God had to keep them out of the sun, so they lived underneath the crust of the planet with no access to the surface.  This was going to be the story behind an ancient civilization.  Our story would take place in modern times where few people knew of this legend and even less believed.  We were going to come up with a story about a boy who ends up discovering this people and being there savior by helping them make their way to the surface where they could die.  We didn’t think of too many details, but just got a nice start on the plot.