Bonsai Trees May10


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Bonsai Trees


Zoe is one step closer to adopting one of my hobbies… Bonsai Trees!  I needed to bump Zoe’s date up a week since I am going to be in Asia for the next three Fridays. I knew that she wouldn’t mind.

PlantWe started our date the good old fashion way by going to the bakery and picking up some donuts.   Zoe went with a cinnamon roll this time.   I think she did this because they are bigger than Rootsdonuts and because she has a sweet tooth like her dad.

After eating our donuts, we got out some bonsai tree candidates that I had purchased a few weeks earlier.   I let Zoe pick a specimen that she could claim as her own.   The first step was to uproot the plant and loosen to roots.   Next we chopped off about 80% of the roots,  reported the plant in a new pot.   Last we removed all branches from the bottom 40% of the tree.   Oh,  and I forgot to mention that we added fertilizer to the soil mixture.

BakeryI think Zoe enjoyed the process.   I am hoping that the love of plants is somethingTrees that she will pick up this year.   One of her jobs is to water the family garden and I hope this helps add to the cause.

I love my little Zoe and loved my time with her this morning.