Birthdays May25


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After Scotland’s last FatherMoment date, Aspen was extremely hopeful that she would also be able to go to Jack and Jills and play the games.  I thought that this might actually work since I just changed our dates to Saturday due to my new job schedule.  Unfortunately, Jack and Jills doesn’t open until 9:00 AM on Saturdays and we are early risers!

Our next idea for our date was to go to Home Depot and see if they were doing any of their children’s building workshops.  Driving over to the store was the best part of the date because  I was able to take the time to tell Aspen the things that I love most about her.  She is so amazing and a blessing in my life, and it was great to be able to communicate this to her.  When we arrived at Home Depot we encountered our second disappointment of the morning when we discovered that they only do these on the first Saturday of each month.  I am grateful that Aspen was a good sport about this, and we ended up doing a little shopping while we were there.

Our third stop was at Walmart where we decided it would be fun for Aspen to pick up some gifts for Zoe’s and Lola’s upcoming birthdays.  She went with a hula hoop that lights up for Zoe, and nice big ball for Lola.  While we were there we also let Aspen look at the bikes to see if there were any that she might like for her upcoming birthday.

Our last and final stop, of course, was at Lehi Bakery where we picked up a bunch of donuts for the family.  Saturday is traditionally “Daddy Donut Day” at the Gardner house.