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Birthday Date


I have been in Seattle for the last week and just flew in this morning.  Since I wasn’t around at 5:00 am, Aspen was kind enough to let me take her out as soon as I got home.  She was really cute because today iSigns also her birthday!  She wasn’t too excited that we were not around on the morning of her birthday and was sitting on the porch waiting for Alicia and I to return from our trip.Table

We took advantage of the fact that the restaurants were open and decided to go and get a bite to eat.  I let Aspen choose the meal and she was craving buttered noodles (she is a picky little eater).  We ended up choosing Olive Garden.

Aspen had a birthday ribbon pinned to her shirt that got her some attention.  Our server was really nice to her.  We ordered our food and while waiting we had a great little chat.  We also played some competitive tic-tac-toe and half a game of “boxes”.  Like always, Aspen took me to school and taught me a thing or two. She keeps getting better at gloating.

YuckOur meal was very nice, although Aspen was not too cool with fact that her buttered noodles came with a little parsley mixed in.  This caused a little bit of an emotional reaction, but she recovered.  I laughed inside thinking, “Here we go”, anticipating the years of girly emotions ahead of me.  I love my little princesses, but worry that I Winnermight not be the best dad when it comes to showing any sympathy for hormonal hurricanes.  What can I say, I never had a sister.

In the end our server surprised Aspen by bringing her a entire cup filled with chocolate mints.  She was thrilled!  When we got back from our date Alicia then took her out to a movie while I installed a ballet bar in her room as another birthday surprise.  It was a great day!