Binge & Brawl Jun28


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Binge & Brawl


Today was an eventful day for a few reasons.  First and foremost, it was Scott’s turn for a date; second, it was Zoe’s birthday; and third, it was my last day class at BYU! With all of these things taken into consideration Scotland and I decided Devotionalthat it was appropriate to start the day with donuts.Gas-Pump

For our devotional we watched one of the church’s new videos that takes Joseph Smith’s words from history about being confused concerning which church to join and overlays them with the same confusion that exists to day.  I don’t know how much Scott comprehended, but I really liked the video.

We then headed to the Lehi bakery just to find out that it was closed. We were both a little disappointed since these are our donuts of choice. Our next stop was at Maceys where we were able to pick up a few of their huge Texas donuts.  I should mention that I am between 18% and 20% body fat (the fattest I have ever been) and the close of my MBA program.  I have extreme plans to get back into a Donut-Eyeshealthy lifestyle, starting in July.  So, like most successful plans of health and weight loss, I am binging every chance I get before the diet starts.Big-Bite

Scott was nice enough to pick up donuts for the entire family so that we could surprise Zoe on her birthday and celebrate together.  Everyone was grateful for this.

Once the donuts were consumed we played a little Smash Brothers Brawl.  Nothing too special about this part of our date, but fun, nonetheless.

After feeding Scott dessert for breakfast and then sitting him on a coach to destroy his mind and weaken his spirit with a violent video game, I would say that I have a little room for improvement as a father.