Bike Ride May13


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Bike Ride

Well there are two problems with this post!  The first is that today is the 27th of May, and the date that Zoe and I actually had our FatherMoment was on the 13th.  The second is that the pictures in this post where taken today.  On the day of our real date I did not have a card reader in our camera.  Things have been a little crazy the last few weeks because I recently quite my job that I have been at for the last six and a half years.  However, now that I finally have my home office set up will be back in full swing.

On this particular date Zoe and I took to the streets in this bike and trailer setup.  I pulled her to the local grocery store where we purchased some donuts and milk.  I know that Zoe enjoyed the date, but I missed being able to interact with her.  It was difficult to talk with her while I was riding the bike.  I love my little girl!