Bike Ride Jul20


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Bike Ride

I was actually at Lake Powell last Friday on a campout with my priest quorum, so Chase and I ended up doing our date after FHE on Monday.

Chase wanted to go to U-Swirl, so to make it into more of a date we decided to ride our bikes which was a lot nicer.  I ended up convincing him to go to Red Mango since our family night happen to be about the Word of Wisdom and I thought it would be “healthier”.  We were able to talk the whole way and I caught up with Chase on a lot of things.  I missed a soccer tournament that we competed in last weekend.  Chase is playing with a new team and it sounds like he really likes his new coach better than some of his past coaches.  Chase also was able to tell me about the many adventures that he has been experiencing this summer.  He was been spending a lot of time at the creek behind our house and he loves it.

Chase ended up loving Red Mango’s pomegranate yogurt, and I must say I enjoyed their peanut butter yogurt which I hadn’t tried before.

One the way home we cut through some neighborhoods that had some fireworks going off.  We had the back roads to ourselves as we pedaled home.  It was a nice cool evening and it was great to be with Chase.