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Bike Fix


This morning when I woke up Aspen, I went into her room and shook her a little and asked, “What do you want to do for our date this morning?”  She responded, “Lets just cuddle for a little bit and then we can think about Strudelswhat to do.”  I must admit that cuddling up for 10 minutes was really nice because I was feeling extra tired this morning.  After a while Aspen finally revealed that she wanted Biketo go get some breakfast and then fix her bike for our FatherMoments date. Done and done!

Before leaving to the store I realized that we had almost forgotten to do our morning devotional.  I happen to have my iPad in my car so we said a little prayer and then watched a video about the VanHulst family who went several years, and nine surgeries, unable to have babies before finally getting pregnant. Aspen and I talked a little bit about the challenges that some couples face.  I don’t think she was really able to comprehend what this challenge must be like.  To be honest, I don’t understand it either.

For breakfast Aspen wanted a doughnut.  I have learned from the past that Lehi Bakery doesn’t open until later; so, we saved some time and went straight to Macey’s, only to learn that their donuts were not out yet, either.  We settled on Toaster Strudels and returned home to make them. The best part about our trip to Macey’s was our conversation. She told me all Airabout her friend’s Sammy and Macey.  Apparently Macey is the funniest girl in her class.  The cutest thing about listening to Aspen was just how excited she was to get my ear all to herself.  We ended up talking in the parking lot for about 10 minutes before entering the store.  It felt great to be a good listener.Ride

When we returned home the other children were already awake and Aspen decided to share her Strudels with everyone.  Aspen has always been extremely unselfish and willing to share to make others happy.  This is one of the many things that I love about her!  We went ahead and did our family scripture study while we were all at the table eating.

After breakfast we headed out to the garage to fix her bike.  In the end we fixed the chain, the tires, the brakes, and adjusted the seat.  We added a little oil and got her biking running like new.  Aspen was a little hesitant to allow me to raise her bike seat because it put her a little higher off the ground and made it so that she couldn’t jump off as easily, but after a test ride she was okay with the adjustment.  As a bonus, since we fixed her bike this morning, I won’t have to do it this Saturday!