BFF Card Feb08


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BFF Card

TogetherWhen I woke this morning to my beautiful little girl at my bedside I suggested that we cuddle up and sleep for our date, but Aspen wasn’t having it.  I have had an extremely crazy week where I have been up past 1:00 am on most nights doing school Startand church work.  So, I will admit that sleep was sounding pretty good this morning.  Glue

We started our date on our knees and then read from the scriptures.  We then proceeded to gather all of our craft supplies on our kitchen table and started designing a card that Aspen would give to her friend, Brooklynn.  Brooklynn had made a card for Aspen a few nights ago letting her know that she was missed, since Aspen was unable to attend an Activity Day’s meeting.  It was that night that Aspen made the decision about making a card for our date.

EyesI came up with the idea of creating a card shaped like a girl that, when opened, Finishedwould look like two girls holding hands.  Aspen agreed to the design and we went to work.  After creating the basic card shape, the hair was the next thing that we added, by gluing pieces of ribbon to the head.  The next step was making eyes using glitter glue, which Aspen did all by herself.  The last step, which was Aspen’s idea, was to decorate the dresses.  I suggest adding stickers or stamping shapes around the dress area, but Aspen had the great idea of getting designed paper and cutting it to fit the dimensions of the dress area.  We did this, and then glued them on.  The last step was for Aspen to add the letters, “BFF” on the bottom.  I tried really hard to convince Aspen that she should considering adding “SBFF”, since I was her “Best” friend, and Brooklynn was just her “Second Best” friend.  Aspen corrected me and taught me that I am her “BDF” (Best Dad Forever).

I should probably add for historical purposes that today is the funeral of my Grandpa, Glen Gardner, who I was named after (middle name).  The funeral is in Arizona, but I was not able to attend because of school and a lot of other things that I have going on right now.  I really wish I could be there, but since I couldn’t, I sure enjoyed being with Aspen.