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BB Gun


Nothing like shooting in the dark!  Scott was excited to wake up early and doing a little target practice.  Our original plan was to go buy a poster, draw a picture of a big monster on it, and then put a few holes in it’s vitals.  However, last night TargetShootingScott changed the plan as was really excited to shoot something that he had made at school.

I didn’t get to bed until after 1:00 AM, so I was a bit tired.  It made for a nice gospel discussion before we ended up cuddling up for about 15 minutes chatting.  We watched a nice video about Mormons that I was thought was well done.  Our conversation was about the premortal existence and the war that started there that continues to rage on the earth.  It always feels nice to be able to teach my children in a quiet setting where I can catered the message to their individual needs.

Next, we headed to the garage where we taped Scott’s picture to an old box.  It was still quit dark outside and I was tempted to set up a little shooting range in my garage.  Nonetheless, we decided to move to our backyard, which was really wet because of the sprinklers that had just finished watering.  As you can see from some of the pictures, it was very dark.Hits

GardenI loved how after every shot, Scotland would run up to the target to see where we had hit.  It was fun watching him shoot.  I think he missed the target completely 50% of the times.  I was chuckling because in his mind he was sure that he hit it and would get excited every time.  The BB gun we used was actually given to Chase by our friend, Eric Olson.  The scope was badly out of site, which made it hard for me to accurately aim.  I ended up aiming high and to the left every time to compensate.

When we were done shooting, we moved inside where we marked all of our hits with a purple marker.  Another great FatherMoment!