Baseball Jul15


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Scotland hit his first home run, today!  Shortly thereafter he hit his second!  For our date we decided to go to the store and buy a new bat and ball that we could play with in our backyard.  We chatted the whole way to the store about our upcoming camping and fly fishing trip that we were going on that night.  Scotland was very excited to catch a big fish since we were unsuccessful and being able to spear one on our last FatherMoment.

While at the store we, of course, picked up some donuts to bring home and share with the siblings.  It is fun to place a child in front of a huge display of donuts and tell them that they are in charge of picking whichever they want.  I was surprised that Scotland’s first pick was an apple fritter!  Gross!  What was going through his mind?  Keep in mind that half of the donuts were colorful, and several of them had sprinkles.  I am not sure what made a fritter look better than the rest to him.  I had to explain to him that fritters and cinnamon rolls with raisins are for old people!  It was a great opportunity to pass down some wisdom.

After getting the donuts, we returned home to hit around in the backyard.  Scotland was a natural and developed a good batting stance quickly.  He had a tendency to want to drop his elbow and hold the bat low, but all I needed to say was, “bat up” and “elbow up” and he quickly adjusted his stance.  It took him a few tries to get down his timing, but once he adjusted he connected with the ball on every good pitch.  Like I mentioned before, he even hit two over the fence!  The best part about it was how his face would light up each time he hit the ball.  I made a big deal every time by rushing him and tackling him.  It was a lot of fun!

I should also mention that it was awesome having Chase there, who helped play catcher.  It is a beautiful sight, to me, to watch Chase take an active interest in Scott’s life and play the role of mentor.  I love to see an older brother encourage and help a younger brother.  It reminds me of my older brother.