Baptisms Oct10


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It was great to be able to go with Chase to the temple this morning since our plans to go on our last date didn’t work out.

WakeupGoing to the temple would be my first choice, and I have visions of going to the temple for 100% of the dates that I have with my children once they turn 12.  I am not sure if it is likely to happen, but it I can’t think of a better thing to do that would strengthen my children and prepare them for the future life callings as spouses and parents.Brownies

The Mount Timpanogos temple is very busy in their baptistry and today was no exception.  Chase and I waited in a chapel where we listen to one of the temple workers share some miraculous experiences that had occurred in the temple.  It seemed a little bit to me like he was trying to entertain the youth in attendance rather than teach our build faith, but the stories were interesting, nonetheless.  We also had some time to read from the scriptures as we waited, which was nice.

Because of the big line of youth and the fast approaching school bells, they only had each youth act as proxy for just two deceased individuals receiving the ordinance of baptism vicariously.

As we were leaving the temple I shared with Chase the scripture when Christ talked to Peter and told him, “When thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.” We discussed this for a while and then I planted the thought of coming back to the temple for our next date, but seeing if we could get Chase’s entire quorum to come with him.  I also talked to Chase about doing the family history work so that we could bring our own names to the temple.

DonutsAfter the temple Chase begged if we could go and get some food because he was starving.  We decided to go and get some donuts and bring them home to all the kids.

It was a great morning and start to my conference weekend.


(Note: I think I accidentally skipped Lola’s date, so this data was out of sequence.  We went on October 3rd, but I will put the date as October 10th)